Abbey Dubbel

Winner of the silver medal at the 2008 Great American Beer Festival, this Belgian-style Abbey Dubbel is an exceptionally complex beer with many interwoven flavors. This classic-style Abbey beer features an immense head with a fruity nose and a generous body. Malty in the middle, the beer features a clean, almondy dry finish and a slight alcohol warmth. More like a wine than a beer—it has a lot of the qualities of a fine Burgundy.


  • Malts: Two-Row Pale, Munich, Special B, Chocolate, Demerera Sugar
  • Hops: Styrian Golding
  • Yeast: Belgian Abbey Ale
  • Original Gravity: 16.8 Plato
  • Alcohol by Volume: 7.2%
  • IBU's: 9.1
  • Formats: 12 oz. bottles,1/2 kegs, 1/6 kegs, cask-conditioned
  • Availability: Year Round

Food pairings

Great with smoked foods, cheeses, richer foods, and sushi (the sweetness in the beers pairs incredibly with the bit of saltiness in seaweed), sausages. Also an excellent dessert beer—pairs well with pretty much everything.