Farmhouse Summer Ale

A tribute to the highly drinkable “every day” beers from French-speaking Belgium. Contains Belgian two-row pale malt and 7% wheat. This beer is lightly filtered with an earthy, spicy hop character from imported Styrian Goldings hops and a beautiful rich creamy head from the wheat.

  • Malts: Two-Row Pale, White Wheat, CaraFoam, Acidulated
  • Hops: Columbus, Styrian Goldings
  • Yeast: Chico
  • Original Gravity: 11.5 plato
  • Alcohol by Volume: 4.6%
  • IBU's: 15.1
  • Formats: 12 oz. bottles, 12 oz cans, 1/2 kegs, 1/6 kegs, cask-conditioned
  • Availability: Currently Unavailable

Food pairings

Spicy foods, fish, salads, and anything you can put on the grill. Also makes a great marinade.