You can rest your weary head right on this can. While you’re at it, sniff the hints of pineapple and mango. And if you’re so inclined, sip the tropical hop party.


The “Flying Fish” is a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere that represents “exploration and adventure.” Wherever your journey takes you, there’s a Flying Fish beer that’s made for that moment.


Our brewing and packaging team pay attention to every detail, so you can enjoy your Flying Fish Beer at peak freshness and flavor.


Great beer begins with our Flying Fish Team, and it’s made in our eco-friendly brewery. Every step of our brewing process is meant to minimize the impact on our environment.

SMPL Hard Seltzer

100 calories, zero gluten, and filled with all-natural flavor combinations, SMPL Hard Seltzer is ready for the mountains, the beach, or the backyard.

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Happy Monday! Let’s get right back after it! Little work never hurt anyone. In fact the best part of working is all the rewards. Something as simple as your lawnmower beers after sweating in the sun for a few hours. Probably one of the best tasting beers. Especially when it’s a super cold Hazy Bones. Perfect amount of tropical fruit vibes meets hazy, juicy ipa land. . What’s your Lawn Mower beer? . Photo Credit 📸: @morzy72 . #happymonday #lawnmowerbeer #getafterit #workworkwork #anotherweek #tinyrewards #treatyourself

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Currently we can only offer outdoor consumption at the brewery which is awesome when the weather is nice 😎 and soggy 🌧 when the weather turns. Since this is out of our control we wanted to talk about our weather policy for out Outdoor Beer Garden. . Sunny ️- Let’s hang out for a good time with some beers. . Cloudy ️- Still all good but let’s keep our eyes peeled for rain. . Raining 🌧 – We do not have any covering so we will be forced to close while it’s raining ️. . Iffy Out 😐🤷‍♂️ – We reserve the right to close or not and will keep you posted on social. If you are here already our host will let you know we have to close down for the day or until the storms pass. In that case you can wait it out in your car however we will not be able to bring you into the taproom. . You can always call the taproom or send us a DM if you’re thinking about coming over and the weather is iffy out.

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