We are SO excited to begin to see everyone here at the brewery again on Monday, June 15th! But as our world has changed around us, so too will our interactions here when you visit Flying Fish.

Please understand that this is ALL new. We may be bad at it and need to adjust. However, everything we have planned out is done with the safety of our customers and our staff in mind first. Your patience and active participation in this process is vital, and we thank you in advance for all of it.

Please read completely:


The good news is that if you are not quite ready for gatherings, or you just want some quick grab-and-go beer, our curbside process will not change!

  1. Visit our website for the link to the order and payment form, or follow the link here:


  1. Travel to the brewery at the time you select for your pickup.


  1. Pull into the parking lot as normal, but you’ll notice curbside pickup will be moved to a door just to the right of the Tasting Room beginning on 6/15/20. It will be clearly marked, and away from anyone looking for outdoor seating.


  1. Announce yourself, grab your order, and enjoy your beer offsite! (*If you prefer we place the beer directly in your trunk, just call us or note it on the order form. We will continue to accommodate!)


If you’re ready for some outdoor time in our Beer Garden/Lawn, we’ll be ready too! Please understand we have limited tables, and we’ll need to be first-come-first-serve with those. It’s a good idea to bring some folding chairs and/or a blanket with you in the event tables are taken but lawn space exists.

Here’s the process/info to enjoy our beer onsite/outside:

  1. When you arrive, you will need to see our assigned host/hostess for the day. This person will check IDs and will be working to accommodate your seating request by checking you in (if you’re not checked in, we’re not going to be able to seat you). Please wait to move to an open area while your group physically distances from others until the host/hostess takes you there. Tables need to be sterilized between each use, so please be patient.

  1. We will have appropriately distanced “circles” clearly marked in our lawn. Your group is to remain in that space, except when retrieving beer, or going to the bathroom (more on that below). We will be limiting “groups” to 8 people of any age, in accordance with the Executive Order from the Governor. We LOVE children, but children must be able to adhere to the “stay in the circle” rule. We will not have any lawn games at this time.

  1. MasksMasks are to be worn at ALL TIMES you are outside your group’s marked area. Upon arrival, when interacting with staff, when retrieving beer, when going to the bathroom…..always, unless you are within your circle. If you forget a mask, we have them for sale for $8 (also available on the ordering site below). If you don’t agree with this rule, that’s completely ok, but we will kindly ask you to purchase beer to go and enjoy it offsite.


  1. To order your beer, you’ll be going to our online order form on your smartphone, and paying as you go (think of it as if you’re visiting concessions at the ballpark). Visit our website for the link to the order and payment form, or follow the link here:


  1. 16oz draft beer will be the only option for consumption on site (no flights). We’ll have water bottles for sale as well. Find the section of the order form that is clearly marked for Onsite Draft Beer and make your selections. Once your order is placed and paid for, our team inside gets an automatic email to pour your selections and bring them to the table by the front door of the Tasting Room. *If you experience difficulty with the form or payment, see the host/hostess for help.


  1. We ask that the minimum number of people required to carry the beer back to your designated area go to retrieve the beer (don’t forget…masks on outside the circle!). Wait in line at the distance marks and grab your order, which will be placed on the table.


  1. Eventually, “mother nature” comes calling. When it’s time to use the bathroom, please find the host/hostess and make the request (mask on!). The host/hostess will allow you into the building and simply follow the marks on the floor to the bathrooms and back. Since we will be limiting the number of customers in the building, and we may be busy, don’t ignore mother nature by waiting until the last minute. Plan ahead!


  1. When you’re ready to leave, you’re all set. If you want beer-to-go, simply place and pay for that order in the “Curbside To Go” section of the online order form, and we’ll get your to-go beer ready at the Curbside door, to the right of the Tasting Room entrance.



Q: “Will there be food or snacks?”

A: We will not be offering anything other than beer and water for sale at this time. Please do not order any food for delivery. You’re welcome to bring food and snacks with you.


Q: “How will your employees be helping to safeguard my health?”

A: All employees will be screened for symptoms prior to each shift. All employees will be required to wear masks and gloves at all times. We will have hand washing breaks, and visible hand sanitizer stations for employees and guests alike. All tables in the outdoor area will be sanitized after each use, between groups.


Q: “What happens if it rains, and I don’t mind being wet?”

A: We will need to close for inclement weather. Our host/hostess will make this call to clear the area and IF we will reopen following a passing shower, but you won’t be able to “wait it out” in our garden/lawn.. Please understand we will do our best but cannot control the weather.


Q: “May I bring my dog?”

A: Well behaved dogs are welcome but should remain in the designated circle with their owner. Please clean up after your doggo. If you see a “good boy/girl” in someone else’s circle, please resist the urge to impede on the physical distance of others. Pretend “pats and scratches from afar” are fine.


Q: “How long can we occupy our table/space?”

A: It’s really difficult to place a restriction or name a specific time limit on your stay here. We know some of you haven’t seen other life forms in a long time. While we may change this rule, we currently are going to ask you to be kind and respectful to others. If there’s clearly a long wait list, and your group is pretty well “wrapped up,” we ask you to be socially aware and vacate your space for others to enjoy some time (after sterilization). If there’s no “line pressure” and you’re enjoying the breeze and conversation, stay as long as you’d like, up until our 8pm closing.