You can rest your weary head right on this can. While you’re at it, sniff the hints of pineapple and mango. And if you’re so inclined, sip the tropical hop party.


The “Flying Fish” is a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere that represents “exploration and adventure.” Wherever your journey takes you, there’s a Flying Fish beer that’s made for that moment.


Our brewing and packaging team pay attention to every detail, so you can enjoy your Flying Fish Beer at peak freshness and flavor.


Great beer begins with our Flying Fish Team, and it’s made in our eco-friendly brewery. Every step of our brewing process is meant to minimize the impact on our environment.

SMPL Hard Seltzer

100 calories, zero gluten, and filled with all-natural flavor combinations, SMPL Hard Seltzer is ready for the mountains, the beach, or the backyard.

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Tasting Room Events and Closures:

Saturday October 16 – Closed All Day for a wedding

Saturday October 23 – Closing Early – Closed at 4pm for Sterling HS Class of 2011 Reunion

Saturday October 30 – Closed ALL DAY for a wedding

Friday November 5 – Closing Early – Closed at 5pm for Private Event

Saturday November 13 – Closed ALL DAY for a wedding