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When Gene Muller founded his brewery in 1996, he did so as a “virtual” brewery on the world wide web, and he named it “Flying Fish” for the constellation in the Southern Hemisphere that represents “exploration and adventure". By allowing drinkers to engage with him directly, he soon garnered attention and accolades that led to the funding that made Gene’s dream a reality, and the first production brewery was built in Cherry Hill, NJ.

By 2012, the original brewery had outstripped its capacity, and a new location was secured close by in Somerdale, NJ. The installation of 463 solar panels, solar tube lighting in the warehouse, recaptured steam in the brewing process, and rain gardens on property make it one of the most sustainable breweries in the world. A diverse and adventurous portfolio of brands remains the ongoing dream.


With growth comes challenges, and with challenges come change. Flying Fish Brewing Co.'s 27-year heritage lives on today despite the challenges faced, from changes in ownership to failed acquisitions. Although the Somerdale tap room is closed, the tried and true, quality beers you know and love continue to flow. 

In embarking on this revitalizing chapter, our commitment to quality and consistency remains of highest priority. Flying Fish Brewing Co. maintains its brand identity, recipes, and signature flavors, upholding dedication to those that got us here. 

Discover the Flavor. Join the Adventure. 

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